1:00 am

1:00 am
She wore her facebook smile
in streets she knew
her feet were covered with chalk,
some other worlds– not illusions, painted there.
her hollow soul longing to find yesterday, among the lost tomorrows, calling her-
it’s not the darkness in the corners waiting there, pressed against the cold familiar
that is crying out with tears of pain — or things she was told that never made sense and still escape her now –
remaining forgotten how she never knew……..

A smell of old coffee and last nights beer upon the sidewalk
tell her more than she would want to know –
passing by- someone calls to her and waves–distracted-
she is an empty mirror reflecting back the same
whatever is their name-she ponders?
she squints to make out light creeping through
some painted cracks in their soul, who is beckoning
vaguely from some uncertain place?
when did she realized they did not really know her, even then?
wasn’t she popular, etched in headstone- her story- even the newspaper told?
who now remembered her stories from yesterday? it had all changed

There are others there now
familiar yet distant on the horizons of her page-
unrecognized inside each human shell
hiding them in shadows posted on their wall
she makes her way- tapping, stroking -never looking up to see– /  she never sees…  /
crowded-sounds and body-mask around her brush her skin- stamped with a tattooed approval of their inorganic games
some trapped in the middle of a message, reiterated once again-

dust of thoughts broken and scattered one more time then left behind
a place of knowing ?- no one knows to tell her “ it’s a lie that is so true”.

© Elaine Bawden





charcoal pencil 20 minute quick-sketch

Quick- Drawing at Bob’s


You feel it too don’t you?

Longing is so sweet, my love
intoxicated by your everything
you are music strumming upon my being
I am but a child abandoned to you in frolic of our beings
allowing, unveiled to taste your essence there upon my face
while our language like a newborn needs not say / yet feel
loving so / we speak more with hearts of what we now desire
wanting more of this / that pleasure that now comes to me
You feel it too don’t you / the magic of this song /
fulfilled completely in your exalted being
wherein I am as you / enveloped in our joy
© Elaine Bawden 10/22/2012

tones inside of tones

distanced from others in realms unknown
within a mind that searches endless thoughts

awakening within dreams made rich
in unknown colors of a passionate soul

listening as one who knows each page
turned within the life of stories not yet read

written there inside the hearts of those
who are still-enough to feel and know

those whose desires connect wantingly
with what is to-be/ coming/ and now unfolds

blooming in a beckoning awakeness
words within thoughts forming frameworks

stories in them created by a life so poised
as two found brimming/ fully-together

readiness within them flaming
their speechless words that pass
between them caressing their souls
with goosebumps and endless waves

together drenched in their ultimate
crescendos of joy’s unheard voice

a minuet of one soul tone
danced in rhythms
forever entwined
tones inside of tones

© Elaine Bawden





Sketched from life in twenty minutes.

A bath

A bath

you wish to bathe Love?
a longing so divine
smoothing wetness on silken skin
so concupiscent is my vision
heart and soul reveal
being there
bathing you
vibrantly clear I feel
stroking a bubbly lather
softly over your seductive body
painting beautiful flow lines
with my admiring fingertips
on warm delicious skin
leisurely meandering downward
touching into your soapy waterfall
sumptuous dark hair that cascades down
between your navel and your happiness
I am mesmerized
trailing on to touch some more
pleasuring wherever my hands do lead
until you
sighing deep in gratitude
that you are
washed again
once more

© Elaine Bawden